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Choose any convenient way to save, share or send your document to the government agencies.
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Music hi everybody it's Chuck over here at teachers Discovery in this quick video I wanted to show you how you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader and the common feature in order to type and to draw on to any PDF so let's get started most computers already have Acrobat Reader installed on them it sort of comes default if yours does not have it you can get it for free it's available here at get forward slash Reader and when you come to the site you'll notice that they have a lot of optional offers and things that they will install along with Acrobat Reader none of these things are necessary and unless you really want them I say it's probably best to just turn them off so we just click in these little check boxes and they go away now we're ready and we just click on download Acrobat Reader and it's gonna download the latest version for you and when it finishes downloading then you'll install it and you'll be good to go okay so after we have downloaded and installed Acrobat Reader we can go ahead and open up a PDF I'm gonna open up this one now normally all you should need to do is double click on it and it'll open for you but my computer has a lot of different options for opening up a PDF yours might too if that is the case you might need to right-click on it and come down here to the button that says open with and it'll give you a lot of different options see I have a lot of different programs that'll read a PDF and I'm simply gonna come right here to the one I just installed which is Adobe Acrobat Reader and there it is this is what mine looks like when it opens yours might look more like this they're the same tools that just collapsed so they're a little bit smaller to give you a little bit more space on your screen either way the button that you're looking for is right here and it's called comment see it's right there comment by clicking on it I now have a new set of tools that have opened up for me right along the top here the specific tool that I'm looking for is this one right here looks like a tea and that is my ad text comment so I'm gonna click on it and when I do you'll notice my cursor now looks like like this with a little a there I can click now anywhere in this document and I can add my name and just like any text program I can select all or I can highlight it and I can come here to change my formatting so I can change the color if I want to change the colors I can change the font size if I want to make it bigger I ...