What Side Business Can Make You $1000 $2000 a Week?

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What side business can make you $1000-$2000 a week? Legal or not.

, if you need the money next week, you can take the $2000 out of your savings account. You know that account that we all are taught to have for “"rainy days”? And that does not mean a trip or Christmas gift….that account you never touche BECAUSE you know that one day, you will need that money.You do not have one, take out of your retirement savings ask family for help AND pay them back in one or two months, tops or sublease a room for a week, or a month, even YOUR room while you sleep at a friend’s home free, for that month, so you can pocket the money best is to do something that consistently makes $$2000 per week like. $2000 per week x 52 weeks = $ 104,000 per year before taxes Sales- commission sales for furniture or mattresses, if you are good, you could reach that number ( $60 k - 80 k for average.) Medical field. Become a Registered Nurse (RN), have 3 to 5 years experience, and be hired in NYC, 2. RN out of school make around $65K, + Working 2 days per month over time, in average, will land you close to $100K the first year. ( overtime is time and a half) 3. Occupational Therapist $100k salary per year to start, can reach $120K 4. Physical therapy $100k or more 5. PA = Physician Assistant $80K or more right out of college, in a few years, $100K 5. Doctors make more than that start with $100k or more salary

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Dentist 80K — 100K per year out of school to start. 110K in a few years 125K — 150K as an MD. Medical assistants.   We will list all these positions as one of them jobs that you are going to want to move a step-up. The next step, as you look at other job offers, you see your market, you see if you should move and what you want the job type to be, if it is a salaried position, and you want it to be. How much money will you make at this position? If it doesn't meet some sort of requirements like pay or time of the day, you can do it as a temp, you can work for free, so long as you are still getting paid. A little more on jobs that are great opportunities to make money in NYC. What if you are a.