What Question Will Be Asked in An Ssb Interview If I Tell them That I?

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What question will be asked in an SSB interview if I tell them that I want to join Para SF?

AFSB INTERVIEW – SCREENING Here, I am going to share my experience, Screening procedure and things which would help to pass SSB interview. If you are just looking for advices skip ahead at look at the bottom. I did my preparation for AFSB mostly online. Ssbcrack was my guide and Wikipedia was my knowledge box. Formalities in the Call up letter were done successfully which later turned out to be useless. I had to report Mysore Railway Station at 6.45 AM. There was an Air force sign board and an airman standing in his uniform who guided me to the bus that takes us to the centre. I didn’t have any idea about what to wear and to my surprise almost all of them were wearing formals and I was the fool wearing casuals and slippers. The screening procedures started immediately. We were told to keep our mobiles in our bags and to carry only the folder with the documents for verification. We were allotted with different code numbers. Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) TEST We sat in a huge room completely covering the whole hall of around 200 Candidates. Examples were first solved and later Question booklets were distributed. It was distributed in such a way that every alternate guy got the same booklet (i.e, 100 Candidates got the booklet series say A and the remaining 100 got the other booklet series B). There were 40 questions to be solved in 20 minutes and answers to be written on a sheet. After 20 minutes answer sheets were collected and the same procedure was conducted after exchanging the booklets with the adjacent guy (i.e, Candidates who got the booklet series A now got B and vice versa). I could only answer 35 out of 40 questions in first set but I answered all 40 questions in the second set. Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) We were now assigned with chest numbers. We were shown a picture for 30 seconds. I wrote a nice realistic story and felt very confident about it. For the Description test we were made into groups of 14 candidates. No watches were allowed inside and we walked inside the room. At first we were to narrate our story and later to discuss upon it and come to a conclusion. We were instructed to choose a candidate amongst us who would conclude the story. The whole discussion was a fish market. The shouting started from the very beginning. Two guys outstood all of us by their performances. One of them used leadership tactics and the other was very proficient with his English and answered very appropriately. I knew by then that I will be screened out. The results were out and as I predicted those two guys got selected. So now I am going to tell you the things I learnt in this short period. 1. Wear formals and polished shoes or wear a clean pair of casuals and white shoes. Better go with a nicely shaved face. 2. Listen to the instructions clearly. If you get any doubts, do not hesitate to ask. 3. OIR test has only 30 seconds per question. Attempt the easy ones and later you can come back to the tough ones. Try to attempt all questions. 4. In Story writing you don’t get enough time. Note down all the parameters like gender, mood and age. Compose the story mentally when the picture is being shown and write up in 3 simple paragraphs. 1. Past 2. Present 3. Future Write the story briefly and give a nice title. 5. Number of things to be taken care of in picture description and discussion test. This is the most critical test as major of the selection is done here. Compose your thoughts on how you are going to narrate your story (You get around 5-6 minutes of time to walk from the story writing room to the discussion room) PPDT becomes a fish market once started. Do not lose your cool and express your thoughts with confidence. You may just get one chance to speak, so wait for that ample right time where you think that it’s your turn to speak. Address to everyone and have maximum eye contact with the other candidates. Use leadership tactics like * Gentlemen…. Can we agree that… * Please let us give these gentlemen a chance to speak Be very clear and don’t stammer. The most important thing is listen to others. Start your speech by agreeing to others All the best for all the Aspirants

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PPD has become a lot of times a tough test. If you failed or do not like it, you were asked to repeat the test and this time you are thinking about it, do this as it is your biggest test. And do the most of it in the middle of your 3 minutes or less time. So it doesn’t take very long time to decide whether you are interested in ASB ASB ASB is also depending on your personality. 5. In a few moments of you have to talk to say you know that, and talk to some things about you know.