What Is the Best Tool to Write a Technical Documentation?

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What is the best tool to write a technical documentation, when you want to export to various formats (PDF, HTML)?

LaTeX LaTeX - A document preparation system Check this infamous tutorial at Mageswaran1989/aja Check out my ongoing work at Mageswaran1989/aja edit 1. It takes quit amount of time to learn with right tools, but it is worth investing your time in learning this language and its tools. This doesn't help much if you are looking for few pages of write-up. If your work involves any Maths formulas, then I would suggest this is the ONE OF THE BEST available out there. Beleive me there is aseprate stack overflow site for this TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange and wiki at Wikibooks, open books for an open world Drawing takes a little more effort, but you will have precision in cm/mm. In ubuntu, run following commands to install R packages and one of the famous editor . sudo apt-get install r-base sudo apt-get install texmaker Takes almost 1GB of hardisk, yes folks 1GB! Not for fancy GUIs but for its code base.

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