What Can Professors Require during This Pandemic?

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What can professors require during this pandemic? I just had a professor require the ability to print out a test at 10am, write out my answers, then scan and return it as a PDF within 6 hours. I don't have a printer or scanner.

Well, if you were given this directive at 8am and the test was at 10am I would say this is kind of unreasonable. If s/he is giving you a week to get it done then that would seem reasonable. Not sure though why you could not simply submit the exam as a Word Document or even Google Docs, which is a question I would ask if the plans to get a printer are not manageable.

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In the meantime this has put me back for a few days and I don't yet understand how I ended up in this situation. Here is another quote from a comment by a reader from the previous article: In addition to trying to find a solution to the question I have been trying to understand the following, what exactly is a “print” request, and why was this so much of a problem? I had a test in question, and I was given a page size requirement in advance of the exam which was quite confusing. It had been noted in previous articles that my browser window size could be limited and asked me to print at a minimum 10" square. The next day I decided to print the exam at the larger size and took it for an entire day straight without problem. I'm still trying to understand how.