What Are the Best Practices in Writing Restful Apis to Return Content?

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What are the best practices in writing RESTful APIs to return content that contains both HTML and PDF content?

Develop Your APIs to Produce JSON Data Design APIs Using Key REST Principles Nouns Verbs REST API Route Example Document your API using the OpenAPI Specification OpenAPI and Java Spring Boot Example (using annotations) Let the server do the work Paging, filtering and sorting using query parameters Two Ways to Version an API URL versioning – Add the version as part of the URL structure Vendor-specific media type versioning – Versioning the resource representation URL Versioning Media Type Versioning Accept. application/vnd.myname.v1+json Accept. application/vnd.myname.v2+json Authentication and Authorization HTTP Status Codes

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User-defined Access Token HTTP Status Codes Access Token URL Authorization HTTP Status Codes Authorization Conclusion It's time to wrap up and see what's been accomplished: You'll have a RESTful HTTP API — a resource containing JSON data, which can be retrieved to the client by querying the RESTful interface. You already have your REST interfaces with MIME types that are represented in an API, by annotating them with RestfulJsonFile, which is implemented in the Java 8 JDK. Your API server contains RestlessJsonFile, which is implemented by the Servlet container. You also know the basics of using Java Keyed Collections, by creating a Java Spring Boot web application as we saw above. Finally, you also use the Spring's REST client, to query the Restless service. This is not meant to be a complete tutorial on the Spring Boot framework. Rather, we are just looking into what can be accomplished by leveraging.