Is there a Free PDF Version of Books Suggested to Help Me in the?

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Is there a free PDF version of books suggested to help me in the IELTS grammar and writing?

I have eventually landed with dream score (L-9, R-8, W-7.5, S-9) which is CLB 9 (overall 8.5 score) so allow me to share my experience. I was able to achieve this during my 3rd attempt and here are some of the tips that come to my mind. 1st attempt (6.5, 9, 7, 7.5) 2nd attempt (8, 6.5, 7, 8) Honestly, if you ask me to give the exam again I am not 100% sure that I will get the same score. So what I am trying to tell you is it all depends on how focused you are during the exam than the actual knowledge in English. IELTS is a very tricky and you need to know the strategies to get a good score. Overall, let me say it wasn’t an easy ride and I have been fortunate enough to live in the US for a few years so I would consider myself fairly decent in english. However, I couldn’t achieve CLB 9 (8,7,7,7) my first 2 attempts because of listening and reading exercises which require a lot of practice. But perseverance is what will get you the score you want. Remember people who have achieved better scores are not that great in English but have mastered the technique. If t have done it you can as well! Listening.You need a lot of practice to get the confidence and expect what t are looking for (I practiced all the Cambridge 10 books I found on FB group - IELTS Tips & Tricks (IELTS Tips & Tricks). Focus on the type of questions that you didn’t do good (MCQ’s for ex.) and find some helpful tips online. Don’t review answers in those 30 secs t give you after each section but go over the questions for the next section (Really helped me) Be clear about the answer is for ex.a date- may 4th or 4th of May. Your answer might be wrong depending on what you write. Paraphrasing plays a big role. So you always got to understand the context and not just looking for the gaps in between. Take breather everytime you get distracted. Remember the exam is more psychological and also tests your focus levels. Reading (GT).It is all about time management. Finish section 1 and 2 in 15 mins and transfer answers in 5 mins. So you have 25 mins for section 3. I go over the essay 30 sec – 1 min real quick to understand the context and what the passage is all about but I wouldn't read each and every sentence as this would take all the valuable time. Instead go straight to the questions. You don’t have to find answers to the first question rather find the answer to the one you can easily find and then look for others (Remember most of the questions come sequential). True/ false/ not given was really confusing. So go over as many tips as you can and see why you are failing. It is pretty tricky and you might think its false but it will just be NG. Look for detailed tips in the youtube videos listed below. Writing .Knowing the structure really helped me (E2 language videos) Go over all the different types of questions and watch the youtube videos for the structure. Memorize the structure for part 1 & part 2 and the linking words. This will make writing very easy especially the part 2. Signup for the free webinars (E2 language). T will really help you practice real time with various IELTS teachers. Huge Advantage of the use of compound and complex sentences Speaking.Use of simple, compound and complex (This will get you the higher score because a lot of people mostly use simple sentences). You don’t need to use very uncommon vocabulary but try to think of words that you don’t use in everyday use. You will have to speak fully constructed sentences and not broken ones (so construct the sentence in your mind before speaking). Try to use formal words and avoid words such as kids. Advantage of the use of compound and complex sentences Join local toastmasters group if you can. It is a public speaking group with relatively low monthly membership fee. the webinars on their website are really helpful It will be good to have an accountability buddy or study partner so do find them on the facebook groups I mentioned above. This will just make this learning experience more fun and entertaining. One thing that might sound silly but do meditation every day atleast once for 10-15 mins. You will learn how to train your mind to focus on the present. This sounds small and you might think meditation sounds boring but it will really help a lot during the exam. Lastly, don’t be overconfident on the exam day. Even after all that practice you still need to give your best if you really want to max out your hard work. I was overconfident my second attempt with the reading section since I got 9 the first time and hence I failed. Hope these tips will help get you the dream score. Good luck!

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