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I’m a chemical engineering student. I want to buy MacBook air for online class. I have iPad pro 11 with magic keyboard but I use it to write notes and PDF. Is 256gb enough for me? (I uses 112gb for both my data and system in my old Windows laptop)

I am a doctor and I have used windows for a VERY LONG time- and those laptops despite being cheap laptops, did very well for the price of around 1000 dollars or so I paid for them. Remember- The MacBook Pro is high end Apple machine. If you buy simimlar high end Lenovo, it will work just as long- and the best thing is windows laptops can be hardware upgraded- with Apple- you are stuck. Why I switched to Apple? Because - back then , I was looking to buy a new ,laptop - and a backlit keyboard was an ABSOLIUTE requirement for me. Guess which laptop with that requirement was also the cheapest? It was a MacbBook Pro 13 inch. Any windows laptop at that time, which came with backlit keyboard was more expensive than the then Macbook pro 13 inch model. There was also this. biug hype and I was influenced with that - and the WORST misconception I was led into was . “IF you dont like MacOS, just run windows on Boot Camp because “it just works”. NOT!!!!! Not everything windows works on boot-camp. So dont fall into that rubbish marketing ploy. There is also a long learning curve. I know some rave about “its intuitive and simple”. NO it isnt. Its menus are nonsensically organised and counter intuitive. In windows the word “backup” is self explanatory. IN Apple, t chose to call it “Time Machine”. For “Blue tooth” t named it “Airdrop”-Why? So in the intial days, you have no idea how many times I had to do searches to figure out how to perform this task or that. Then, in MS Office Office windows, I can copy paste Right to left languages like Arabic Hebrew Urdu. Not so in Pages or even in MS office for Mac. Try it. It doesn't work. I use parallels when I need to run windows for copy pasting Right to left languages . So if you are fine in windows environment, ecosystem, there is absolutely no need to switch over to Apple. Oh , and Macs do get viruses. Anyone who tells you t dont, t are lying. Also, “it just works” is also rubbish. Macs run into problems all the time. IF t didnt, why Apple Store has “Apple Genius”? Why there are thousands of “Apple Support forums” all over the internet? Visit Apple’s own support forums. You will be shocked how annoying Macs can truly become. Also, if I had a problem in Windows, it took me five minutes to find a solution on internet. With Apple, finding a solution is a nightmare itself. Why I still use Mac? One reason. Trackpad- gestures Addendum. Another issue that is VERY IMPORTANT to consider. Recently I have been exploring and trialling speech to text conversion softwares. “Dragon Naturally” has been under my microscope. But here is the issue. Softwares developed for Windows are far more evolved and better than those made for Mac- and this is evident in Dragon Naturally. Consistently, reviews show that Windows version performance is significantly better than the version for Mac. The windows engine is more advanced. And for obvious reasons- more clients and bigger market in windows than Mac. So now I am stuck. I cant switch back to windows JUST for using Dragon Naturally Windows version in isolation. It does not work in real world with rest of your work/personal/computer life. For optimal time-efficient productivity, one needs all their stuff consolidated in one place. Fragmentation like this is an enemy of efficiency and productivity.

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The question was- would I want to buy a laptop just to use Dragon Naturally for Windows version. The answer of course is “Yes”. As for the Apple. I am not sure if it is worth it. When a Mac is not up-to-par compared to Windows, then how will you be able t to achieve the same in future on the same level? You would need to upgrade, if you are used to the Mac operating system for a long and long time and Apple is a monopoly.