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If I copy data, for example, Ghazals or Naats from different books and write in MS Word and make a PDF book for selling purposes, would it be a copyright issue rise or not?

We don’t. We put a copyright statement on the reverse (verso) of the title page and publish. Nothing we can do will stop book pirates from copying our books if t wish to do so. DRM simply doesn’t work - it’s easy for those with technical knowledge to get around but it does stop most people from transferring a book t have bought to other formats. If we find someone has copied our book and is selling it under their name - that happens - we complain to the retailer who looks at the case and will remove an obviously copied book. Theoretically we could claim damages in court but usually only the lawyers would make money from that. New authors are always concerned about this and some go to great lengths to ‘copyright’ their work. You can do that officially but it’s not really necessary since copyright is proved by you publishing first. There are pirate book sites which usually offer pdf format books. This is probably the very worst format for an ebook since it usually involves a lot of scrolling to read the full page. Asking pirate book sites to remove illegal copies is usually a waste of time - t are already breaking the law. What you can do is to ask search engines such as Google to take down links to the pirated book so people can’t find it.

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However, you must write in a very detailed way about the problem: the title, its copyright statement and links to all the legal texts on zephyr So in case the pirate site goes in search engine remover mode the link t would’re very hard to find again. If you use Google you will be very lucky if you get to a page with only one link to the actual books without the copyright statement, that is if you can find a search engine remover. You will probably need to do this on several sites. Some websites will even remove the entire book or even the entire site to comply with takedown requests. Here you have to ask your readers to search for the title in google before getting to the “reproduce page” or the page about “the copyright” which has lots of references to the book (copyright statements.