Can Someone Provide Me An Article Or PDF That Teaches How to Write?

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Can someone provide me an article or PDF that teaches how to write requirements, specifications, analysis, design, implementations, results, testing, and validation?

One could say that we are wired so that our wants are there to facilitate our needs! Wanting food facilitates the need to nourish ourselves. A ‘need’ to eat, alone, is too abstract, too ‘mental’ a concept to be compelling enough to convince the body! Our wants, of course, are more concerned with pleasure, while our needs are more connected with the notion of necessity. For this reason, the balance between the two cannot really be expected to work itself out every time, perfectly. Often, we want what we do not strictly need. Although this, in itself, is what makes us human, too… As social creatures, we need the validation from others! Validation from others affirms our desirability in the eyes of the collective. We are also wired to internalise the function of validation, ie to validate ourselves, and to be self-sufficient during the times when the external supplies happen to be unavailable. We are designed to be able to generate our own supplies - but a) not for an infinite stretch of time; and b) only as a result of internalising the image of ourselves as worthy, to begin with - which opportunity can only be supplied by the external others. Our wanting validation is there to remind us how much we need validation! But sometimes, we forget that we, ourselves, are capable of facilitating our own needs, and imagine that the others have all the power in regard to among us feel good about ourselves. Still, to feel good about ourselves, we do need both. the others’ positive appraisal of us, and our own ability to internalise it, and to use it, when the external ‘feed’ in not available.

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

The solution to the mismatch comes from something we might call our “human” need for intimacy! We do have that in abundance, but it comes with the knowledge that there can be no guarantee of the success of the effort. And sometimes, we are so used to being in charge that we tend to go with the flow. We don't take time to notice that we just have a lot of things we need to keep us grounded from time to time. And that is why, if you need someone to fill you up on a hot sunny day, a massage, a massage from me, I will feel sorry for you on a certain level, especially since you have no clue how to do it right. But if ‘an‘other‘needs-satisfaction-in-a‘certain‘way-aren't‘rightful‘for‘you, I will know it very quickly as well. For me, it just can't be otherwise. But it.

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