Can I Order the Book 15 Days Practice for Ielts Writing In?

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Can I order the book "15 Days' Practice for IELTS Writing" in paperback or PDF format for general training?

It completely depends on an individuals weak areas as to what t should do in order to improve in their IELTS score. Writing .- If an individual's writing is weak, t should practice using cohesions, connectors and impressive vocabulary in order to improve in writing. Care needs to be taken with regards to grammar, punctuation and sentence construction as well. There are methodologies which can be used in order to build up valuable content in your passage. Its important to do proofreading before submitting your answers. Speaking .- In case Speaking is the area where t are lagging behind, t should try to speak in English with colleagues and friends in order to get rid of the hesitation to speak. An atmosphere needs to be created which includes English throughout, even in thoughts. This will help the focus to shift from mere translation to using modulation, intonation,cohesions,connectors and lexical ability. It's by doing the above, that improvement in Speakìng would reflect slowly but surely. Reading.- Focusing on the key words is essential in Reading. Also, most questions will have hidden meanings and synonyms. With a little common sense, the answers can be identified. Do not expect the answers to be mentioned word by word. Further, the more you practice, the better you improve. Listening.- According to me, listening is one of the most easy sections of the IELTS. Ample time is provided to go through the questions before the recording questions are played. A sharp concentration is required in order to excel in listening. Moreover, thinking in English goes a long way in order to achieve a good band. Note .- I work at Achievers Point.

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This is one of the leading English-speaking schools and there are many students in there. As far as I know, the teaching staff uses a method based on audio listening which allows pupils to listen to the answers within 20 seconds. You have to ask for more details and information as many times as possible. One way to improve is to ask any one of the other students. Passion needs to build up through these sessions, which gives a very good result. A strong interest and curiosity makes me very proud to have taught my own children. The whole class can work on the same passage at the same time.

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